The Castle

The castle in Broniszów dates back to late medieval centuries. The first owner was to be Bronislaus from Bytom Odrzański. The best time for the castle and the village happened under the rule of von Kottwitz family, from second half of 16th till the end of 17th Cent. At the beginning of 17th Cent. The castle was extended into Renaissance, three store building, built at L letter plan. Two main reception rooms, decorated with plasters, as well as the portal, are the masterpieces of Renaissance and are duly reconstructed nowadays. Baroque period left the new order of windows and the head of the tower. As far as the external decoration is concerned, it is the Renaissance sgraffiti which have been recently reconstructed, dated 1606, not the baroque layers introduced at the end of 17th Cent.
The castle was extended in the first half of 19th Cent., with romantic, neo-gothic curtain walls and a defensive tower, which resulted to have an inner yard. A moat and a pond underline this defensive, romantic character. The second half of 20th Cent. brought degradation to the castle. Renovation of the building started immediately when the current owner bought it in 2010 and lasts until present time.

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Cultural events

Broniszów Castle is the venue for cultural events, gathering people from the region, as well as guests from Polish and German cities. There were numerous workshops held in last five years, devoted to architectural heritage, arts conservation, archeology, pedagogics of Janusz Korczak, security policy. The Castle hosts regularly photographic exhibitions. Lubusz Foundation of Paderewski holds here regular patriotic events, commemorating Polish pianist and politician. We are open for new partners and initiatives, especially from music and literature circles.

Refurbishment works

The complex works started immediately, when Cezary Lusiński bought the neglected castle in 2010. Conservation team lead by Joanna Lang, building team lead by contractor Rafał Markowski, under the architectural projects of Klemens Borzdyński, covered most of the works. The season of 2011 resulted in complex works on the external walls decorated with Renaissance sgraffiti and the restoration of Dining Hall. The year 2012 brought media, indispensable for normal life in the castle. In the year 2013, after numerous studies and expertise works, the reinforcement of Ball Hall ceiling was done, with financial assistance of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which was extended for the next year, to allow work on Renaissance plasters in the Ball Hall. The Blue Hall was completely renovated in the years 2013-2014. In 2015 the program of replacing windows has been completed, with the financial assistance of Lubusz Voivodship. Year 2016 brought the finalization of roof works. The season of 2017 was the last in long effort to rebuilt the floors, this time with some aid from Zielona Góra Heritage Authority. The owner bought ten bedrooms and several dining furniture sets in Belgium, so the interiors got closer to their final shape. The eight seasons of works resulted in crucial job done, though there still remains a lot to do.

Renting space

Wedding? Family retreat? Workshops or seminars? Or just a good rest in a quiet and fabulous setting. You can do all of it in our castle. We offer generous reception space. The Blue Hall, under the restored ceiling covered with Renaissance paintings, offers 48 chairs around ancient tables, for both meals and debates. The Dining Room, with vaulted ceiling decorated with Renaissance plasters, is suitable for formal lunches or dinners, accommodates 24 people. The Entry Hall may serve for exhibitions and cocktails; also additional dining tables may be placed there, if needed for wedding receptions. All those reception rooms correspond with the Castle Kitchen, suitable for catering and cooking. You are welcome to ask questions on the character of space, pricing and dates available at:
There are also several bedrooms available, equipped with ancient furniture and modern bathrooms, which you can reserve at AirBnb.


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